Ever Wanted an Amphibious Car?

Ever Wanted an Amphibious Car?
August 3, 2015 @ 11:05 am by Zach Doell

 Do you love boats, but hate getting out of your car? Is off-road ability a top priority when choosing your next watercraft? Well, have we found the vehicle for you! Built by WaterCar, it’s called the Panther, and – as far as the promotional video goes – there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of things to do with it.

From racing a yacht to picking up girls at spring break, from darting around town to getting a few fishing lines in the water – the WaterCar has all bases covered. In fact, it’s probably one of the only amphibious vehicles in the world that can tow a water-skier in the morning and cruise the dunes by lunch.

Don’t be fooled by its Wrangler looks. It’s more than just a Jeep in a wetsuit. The WaterCar features a custom-built, lightweight fiberglass body and hull, integrated with an off-road proven chromoly chassis and filled to the brim with 32 cubic feet of US Coast Guard approved Styrofoam. So it’s not going under.

The Panther sources power from a Honda 3.7-liter V6 engine, not far removed from the powerplant you’d find in a Honda or Acura SUV, which puts around 250-horsepower to the rear wheels on the road.

Fancy a dip? The Panther can hydraulically retract its wheels in seconds and hit the waves thanks to a specially built transfer case, shuttling power to the vehicle’s jet drive and pinging the speedometer at around 44mph on water (80+ mph on land).

All in all, a WaterCar Panther will set you back a total of $155,000 ($126,000 without the engine and transaxle). Expensive? Yes. But totally worth it.

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