Most Common DIY Mechanic Mistakes

Most Common DIY Mechanic Mistakes
September 3, 2015 @ 12:15 pm by Andrew P Collins

We all love working on our cars. Well, some of us just like having our cars work. Either way, frugal automobile owners can find themselves on the tools. We’ve heard about some of the most nightmarish screwups that can happen to a DIY mechanic, but what are the common ones and how can we avoid ‘em?

After cleaning my own carburetor for the first time and winding up with combustable detergent in my eye (it was the worse) I’m gonna submit “undervaluing safety attire” as a big one. A two-dollar set of safety googles would have saved me hours of agony and a terrified call to poison control.

What are the other mistakes the home-based mechanic is liable to make, and how can we avoid them?

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