Should Tesla build this amazing electric superbike?

Should Tesla build this amazing electric superbike?
September 10, 2015 @ 4:20 pm by Rowan Horncastle

Before we begin, let us state that for the record that this incredible ‘Tesla’ motorbike is neither real nor official. Got it? Good.
However, if there’s anything we can do to convince Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk to build the thing, we’re willing to do it.
Codenamed Project M, this electric superbike is the handiwork of digital doodler Jans Slapins. If that name rings a bell, Slapins is the chap who teased us with the weird, lovely, again-completely-unofficialLamborghini Rat Rod concept last year.
As it’s completely fictional and lives only within Photoshop, we could speculate wildly on the spec of the bike. However, Jans tells us he wanted to keep the electric two-wheeler as real-wheel feasible as possible.
So, like all Teslas, nestled between the two carbon wheels and in the aluminum frame is, essentially, a colossal laptop battery, powering a motor on the rear wheel.
And we mean colossal. Jans reckons his bike would pack a 150kWh electric motor: the Tesla Model S, for comparison, uses a 70kWh power pack.

With his finger in the wind, Jans predicts that the bike will weigh around 230kg and boast four power modes: Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. However, if Tesla do take the bike up, we’re sure they’ll change the name of the fast mode into something truly hyperbolic. Since the new P85D gets ‘ludicrous’ mode, what would that make an EV superbike? Preposterous? Farcical?

Where the fuel tank would reside on a normal bike lurks a handy luggage compartment for your helmet, and somewhere to charge your phone. So it’s not only fast, but very practical, too. And gorgeous, of course.
So, who thinks Elon Musk should have a crack at bikes? After all, it’s not like he’s short on a few quid to splash on a side project…