Get A College Degree in Rebuilding Rare Cars

Get A College Degree in Rebuilding Rare Cars
October 22, 2015 @ 4:10 pm by Mike Spinelli


There are at least 35 million reasons why restoring classic cars is big business these days, but there’s also a moral obligation to preserve reference-objects of engineering from bygone eras. Either way, it’s the kids who’ll save the world.

On this episode of /DRIVEN, we travel to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to visit the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Automotive Restoration Technology program. There, we get a lesson in how serious some of the so-called “disinterested” millennials are about learning how to un-fade the old glory of the rarest, most valuable and irreplaceable cars in the automotive canon. If you believe the same, tired precepts of demographic warfare, these guys shouldn’t exist (or should be 60 years old and have mustaches). But they do.

At PennCollege, students get a truly well-rounded education in car restoring, from the research that goes into establishing a car’s provenance; to the forensic engineering skills needed to figure out how obscure, century-old mechanisms work, and fixing or rebuilding them; to mastering the techniques of high-end upholstery and body work, to learning new resto technologies like 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and everything else they’ll need to get coveted jobs in this important and — in many cases — lucrative field.

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