Hellcat Powered Jeep is a Monster

Hellcat Powered Jeep is a Monster
November 19, 2015 @ 11:20 am by Fox News Team

Now this is a road hog.

Wild Boar Customs has taken the Jeep Wrangler to truly great lengths, creating a 6x6 monster powered by a Dodge Hellcat V8.

It teamed up with Dakota Customs to help with the engine swap, then went ahead and bumped up the horsepower from 707 hp to 754 hp, just because.

A 36-inch stretch accommodates the extra axle, which is a Ford 9-inch that works in concert with a pair of Mopar 44s.

  It’s fitted with king adjustable shocks, and a 2Way Air central tire inflation/deflation compressor for the tires.

An external cage, custom roof and angry-eye fascia amp up the aggression, while its unique hood was modeled after the one on the Hellcat Charger.

Wild Boar is primarily an accessories company, but it’s been building 6x6 Jeeps with more conventional engines for several years.

This one may be the first that actually needs all that rubber to put the power down.

Original Source: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/11/19/hellcat-powered-jeep-wrangler-6x6-is-monster-truck/?intcmp=hpff